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Popular, High-Quality Asian Cuisine

Popular, High-Quality

Asian Cuisine


Decades of Authentic, Delicious Cuisine

Sunrise Foods has more than three decades of experience in research, development, and manufacturing of high-quality Asian themed menu items. Originally developed to supply consistent quality and flavor in Asian restaurants, Sunrise Foods, Inc. has expanded its operations to provide products to casinos, hospitals, universities, the U.S. military, and other high volume food service operations. Our carefully prepared, conveniently packaged Proteins, custom-blended Sauces, Entree Packs, and Complete Meal Kits allow our customer to offer a wide variety of the most popular Asian dishes with minimal effort and maximum profit.

Solutions for Every Need

Sunrise Foods offers marinated (partially cooked) proteins, authentic Asian Sauces as well as Entree Packs (Protein and Sauce) and Complete Meal Kits (Protein, Sauce and IQF Vegetables). Sunrise Foods also offers Private Label and Co Packing opportunities. This allows our customers to promote their own brand while giving them the peace of mind that their products are being manufactured by a company whose main goal is to produce consistent and high-quality products.

Sunrise Foods currently uses in-house drivers as well as contracted carriers to deliver throughout the United States. In addition to maintaining its own warehouse, Sunrise Foods also sells to large distributors. These dual options allow our customers to purchase Sunrise Foods products from a distributor with whom they may have an existing relationship or have the products delivered directly if the situation permits.



A Family Tradition

Mark Pi was born in Korea to parents hailing from the Shantung Province of Northern China where he received culinary training throughout his youth. In 1973, he arrived in Chicago with a Master Chef’s diploma and $50 in his pocket.

His first job in the United States was at Chicago 's Mandarin House Chinese restaurant. Within five months, Mark was able to secure a loan and purchase the restaurant under his own name. Through hard work, determination, and exceptional culinary talent, Mark Pi began to work towards his dream of founding a national restaurant company.

Mark Pi, Sr. Making Noodles

“I came to America because my cousin said there were opportunities unlike any known in Taiwan or Korea.
My dream was to own a restaurant, but after I came to Chicago and saw (chains) with thousands of restaurants under the same name, I believed there were possibilities to make Chinese dining available on a big scale.”

- Mark Pi, Founder of Mark Pi's Restaurants and Sunrise Foods

Sunrise Foods Timeline
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